Summer 2015 fund raiser for Textpattern

Welcome to the FIRST Summer fund raiser for the Textpattern project!


Well, because. Lately there has been a great hive of activity on the TXP forums and so much buzz and happenings. The goal is to use the funds raised to help develop the Textpattern project.


  1. Please donate using the PayPal button on the TXP Tips site
  2. Note that donations will go to my personal PayPal account
  3. We collect donations until July 31st
  4. I’ll update this post every few days regarding how much we have collected and the donors’ names (unless he/she wishes to remain anonymous)


On August 1st the total amount collected will be used to enhance the Textpattern project.

Thanks everyone!


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2015 Summer Texpattern fundraiser. We raised US$1,165.00. After PayPal fees deduction, we have a total fund of US$1,105.94 to spend on the project. Thanks to the community!

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